Re: [OM] Mid-roll Re-wind

Subject: Re: [OM] Mid-roll Re-wind
From: VELUWEH@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 11:50:22 -0400
Kris wrote:

>I keep running into situations where I only have 1 camera body but
>want to change film's.  I have an OM-10 and I'm thinking that I could
>take the following steps:
>        1) Re-wind the film that is not wanted
>        2) Put a label on the film to record the last number used
>        3) When I want to re-load it I could:
>                - Put lens cap on lens
>                - Set Manual at a very high shutter speed, 1/1000
>                - Push shutter release until I get back to the exposure
>last used.
>I haven't tried this yet but thought I would sent it out to the group
>for feedback and ideas?  I would probably want to buy one of those
>gadgets that pulls the film leader back out of the cartridge?

I've done this many times (drooling at some APS camera's MRC options).
I'd add to your list:
1a) immediatedly stop rewinding as soon as you hear and feel the film
is getting loose from the sprocket. Thus there always will be a film
tip outside the cassette and you don't need this pulling device.
3a) make sure you always use the same technique for loading the film,
and always take one extra blank shot. This will prevent any double


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