FW: [OM] Golden Rule...

Subject: FW: [OM] Golden Rule...
From: KRIS GARREN <KGARREN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 13:15:26 -0400

When I tried to set it manually to 1/60, the flash would not
fire.  Should I purchase a $40 TTL cord?  What are the connectors
on each end of this cord?  

I'm going to take the pictures to a good local lab and explain what
happened to see if they can do any corrections at all.  I hope your
right and I do get some shots from that memorable occasion.  Thanks
for your feedback!

>>Did you forget to set the camera at the 'manual' setting? This
automatically sets it to 1/60 sync time when there's no manual adapter
mounted; when there is, the adapter should be also be set to 1/60.
Automatic setting at 1/60 with Olympus T flashes obviously no longer
works when you use a mere PC connection.
When the indicated shutter speed was 1 sec., there was so little
available light, or you was using such a small aperture, I wouldn't be
surprised if these pictures are still very acceptable. Probably some
ghost images shining through subjects that are frozen by the flash.<<



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