Re: [OM] Question on AC adapter for T32 flash

Subject: Re: [OM] Question on AC adapter for T32 flash
From: "John Petrush" <jpetrush@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:50:27 -0400
Dan Lau <dlau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> asked:

> What do others think about the usefulness of the
>AC adapter?  And is there a down side to keeping the flash on and
>charged when not in use.

I have used an AC adapter on a different brand unit (Sunpak).  The advantage
is the very fast recycle times (1-2 sec from full discharge) compared to
batteries and excellent consistency of flash intensity over several hundred
flashes.  You can get similar results with Oly gear using the power bounce
grip and T-series flash, but eventually even the C-cells run down and you
have to replace all the batteries to get good results again.

I wouldn't keep the flash powered up for an extended period (several hours)
when not in use.  I can't see how it would be healthy for the electronics.

John P

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