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Subject: Re: [OM] Keeping OM alive
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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 22:00:33 EDT
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Hi Denton,
I was happy to see your comment on autofocus.  I have researched my 40+
photography book library, mostly Nature & Wildlife books and 900f the time,
the Pros use manual exposure and manual focus and all love spot meters.  The
only one Pro who sticks out was a guy who specialized in flying birds.  I
might add, they nearly all use tripods as well.  I have often wondered if this
autofocus thing is somewhat of a fad that will play out in a few years.
Probably Not!

<< >>It would seem that autofocus must be used inteligently, with judious
 application of the focus lock feature. I would equate it to the difference
 between Auto or Program mode and Spot metering in the OM. Use Auto or
 Program only and you're bound to sooner or later get some bad exposures.
 Spot metering takes care of that for critical work. Same thing with auto
 focus. For most shots you're OK, but for critical work, use the focus lock.>>
 I found it too much of a pain to use exposure lock, focus lock, etc. That's
 why I went back to Oly. IMHO, the only use for AF is on fast-moving
 subjects. I keep a separate body and a couple lenses just for that type of
 Denton Taylor >>

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