Re: FW: [OM] Manual vs Auto Mode?

Subject: Re: FW: [OM] Manual vs Auto Mode?
From: "Andrew Wiese" <awaxx@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 05:52:04 PDT
>Hi All,
>I would like to do a little survey.
>I have been wondering what metering mode we OLY users use our cameras 
>Auto, Manual, Spot meter and what 0f the time?  And possibly Why?  I 
>try and keep a record for the next few weeks.  The outcome may be 

Manual (of course I only own an OM1) A friend has an OM40/PC, but even 
when I use that I use manual... I have trust issues.  I just feel I'll 
still have to tell the camera how to compensate anyway. 

When I buy my second body (everyone touch wood... thanks), it'll be a 
1n, or a 3(ti) if I win a million (sure would love that spot meter... 
but still keep mirror lock-up and a self-timer - that's my OM5 vote)

Of course, one day I'll cry for the auto option, when I've got too much 
else to think about... I've been asked to do a wedding in a couple of 
months... Ken Norton, you've got me scared...



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