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Subject: Re:[OM] New ideas!!!
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 16:17:26 -0400
David Irsarri Vila wrote:
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 02:26:32 +0200
From: David Irisarri Vila <valicors@xxxxxxxxxx>

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    When I take double exposures with my OM4Ti, is great but I think
Olympus forgot to make something more reliable  about  this  system,
don´t you???
    Ok, the other night in bed 8-) I thought that I could make some-
thing better than  holding both  the  rewind  knob  plus the  rewind
button and wind the film advance lever,  in  order to make a shifted
double exposure. If you want to make a double exposure with the same
background,  how  can  you do it??? Ok, I think that if somebody can
help me in order to modify a winder or motor drive???  The only  way
out to make a good double exposure is not to touch the film, because
the result will be a blurred photo. Then if you can send to the body
through  motor  terminals,  any  ignal to unlock the shutter button,
making a new exposure,  without  moving  the  film??? I think, it is
possible  to  make a button,  in order to disconnect the motor power
and use the motor terminals to unlock. What do you think?

I might point out that the OM2000 makes a perfect double exposure.  I did
not have any trouble getting one made even though I had never intentionally
made a double exposure.

Either buy an OM2000 body or get someone to study its mechanism for multiple
exposure.  On the 2000, the shutter is always locked unless you move the
film advance lever half way.  There is a multi-exposure lever which you need
to pull until it stops.  Keep it pulled while turning the film advance lever
to a dotted position on the camera.  Release your finger from the
multi-exposure lever and turn the film advance lever all the way until it
stops.  No rewind is involved in this operation.  I have noticed that the
OM2000 must have a better mechanism of film advance in that the frames are
well aligned.  (I have my slide film processed several times unmounted. )
My OM-4T is not as good as the OM2000 in this particular operation.

Tomoko Yamamoto
Photographer, Composer, Soprano
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