Re: FW: [OM] Manual vs Auto Mode?

Subject: Re: FW: [OM] Manual vs Auto Mode?
From: "John A. Prosper" <prosper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 23:42:11 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 20 Jun 1998, Ken Norton wrote:

|>I was thinking of using Kodak Royal Gold 200 and 400 as film, as I've
|>good results with it so far.  I've obviously never done this sort of
|>thing before, and I'm doing it more as a favour, as the couple can't
|>afford a pro, but I'm intending to do it as 'pro' as possible.  I've
|>already planned to sort out what shots they want, what shots I thinks
|>they should have, and to case the place beforehand. Fingers crossed.
|Many pros will actually use Gold 100 for wedding work!  I wouldn't.  There
|is something truely amazing about how Vericolor and the Fuji
|wedding/portrait films warm the backgrounds.  Kodak Gold films will have a
|tendency to make the backgrounds to "harsh."  Hard to describe it other than
|the backgrounds are to enhance to subject, not detract from it.  The
|contrasts are much more subtle in the pro films and you won't lose shadow
|detail as fast.

The pro weding/portrait films are engineered to have a
latitude wide enough to capture the white of the bride's
gown and the black of the groom's tuxedo accurately.  they
are also engineered to to provide extremely pleasing skin
tones with low contrast, and they [the pro films] tend to
sparkle with flash.

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