Re: [OM] OM Macro stuff (from focus camera)

Subject: Re: [OM] OM Macro stuff (from focus camera)
From: Lars Haven <lhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 00:07:17 +0200
Richard Dale wrote:
> For everyone, I would recommend the Zuiko 90F2 macro very highly, although
> heavier
> than the 100 f2.8 it is still easy to handhold even for macro work.  The
> further lens to subject
> distance offered by the lens, especially compared with the 50mm macro, is
> extremely useful.
> Taking macro shots outside becomes very easy, provided that you have
> reasonably steady hands. For me the lens is perfect since I take a lot of
> macro also for general purpose photography (eg landscape, obviously
> portraiture) I find that focal length most useful giving the most pleasing
> perspective.
FWIW, I concur on the virtues of the 90mm Macro. Granted, my experience
with it is rather brief. Bought it (new) yesterday with a 3Ti body (also
new) and made the first prints this evening, but the results are very
satisfying. With this lens the butterflies stays put long enough to get
the pictures I want. Also, this lens has enough inertia to stabilise even
relatively long exposures.
> Congratulations on your new purchase.  Although I usually purchase used, it
> is
> very important to the continued viability of the Olympus system that your
> purchases move some abacus beads at Olympus headquarters.
> Warren Kato
I think I've done my duty on that part for some time to come now, at
least my bank will think so...


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