Re: [OM] dedicated flash for OM2s

Subject: Re: [OM] dedicated flash for OM2s
From: Chris Barker <cbarker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:59:58 +0100
>Looking for an independant manufacturer's dedicated unit for my OM2s.
>Preferably something with a guide number in the neighborhood of 100
>(feet). I would like to use it for my OM10 also, so it needs to have
>good normal-auto function as well (multiple auto apetures, etc). Anyone
>know of such a beast? Suggestions?
Apparently "redboy" Sunpak (2nd hand I believe) and Metz make flashguns
which can be interfaced with OMs.  However, the T32 has a guide number of
32m at ISO100 and has 3 auto apertures for use with the OM10.


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