[OM] OLYMPUS 18mmF3.5 and 600mm

Subject: [OM] OLYMPUS 18mmF3.5 and 600mm
From: Jean-Pierre Henry <henry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 09:38:55 +0200
>To be fair to Robert, I remember him offering this lens for sale to
>the OLY list members at least twice in the last few months.  I'm
I must add that I had some discussion with him
as I was interested by this lens. As I live in France
there were some more risks in buying by email.
I also did not want  to spend too much on that lens:
"as new " was too good for me in the sense that
it was probably too expensive.
So the deal did not take place.
eBay is probably the best place to evaluate such an item,
because it is a little unusual.

Zuiko 600mm : has anybody on the list an  opinion
on the quality of that lens; it is not a very fast lens
F 1:6.5 and I do not think it has ED glasses.
Here in France the 400 mm Zuiko is not very well regarded,
and I would think that the 600mm is rather in that category
and not of the same quality as the 250 mm.
I know of somebody who is trying to sell one.
I understand he was a pro photographer, used it for 
many years (with 400 ASA), found it very reliable,
sold some shots he did with it;
and he is changing subjects (and using now C*N*N EOS).
I could not tell him what would be a fair price.
I should think it is rather a collector's item...
In France Olympus has a public price of US 7000 for that lens
which is ridiculous (I think it is half that in New York).
So it is impossible to conclude what would be a fair price
for a used one from the public price.
So again, a question : what is a fair price for 
that used 600 mm ?

Jean-Pierre Henry, Paris neigbourhood, France

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