[OM] Used camera shops in 4 cities

Subject: [OM] Used camera shops in 4 cities
From: "Michael A. Covington" <covington@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 23:11:00 -0400
"Any recommendations regarding used camera shops in Atlanta or New York?" --
George Conklin


KEH is of course excellent, but you can't visit it (mail order only).

Atlanta Camera Exchange (call first, make appointment) is a very small
outfit with prices quite a bit better than KEH.  I got my 80/4 macro lens
and Telescoping Auto Tube there for (IIRC) $300 a few years ago.  The owner
is very helpful; it's a one-man operation.

Check whether Colcam is still in existence (phone used to be 404 373-9911).
Lots of used darkroom stuff; not many Olympuses; remarkable collection of
old things at low prices.

There's a pretty good, though small, used counter at Camera Bug, which
specializes in astrophotography.  (Room full of telescopes is well worth
seeing; typically 4 Olympus bodies and 15 Olympus lenses in the used section
at any given time.)

New York:

If at all possible, visit B&H, possibly the finest camera store in North
America.  I got excellent service at their used department -- they had lots
of time to talk and got a lot of things out for me to look at, especially
when it became evident I was going to buy a number of accessories.  Closed
Saturdays (Jewish) and very busy on Sundays; a weekday morning is a good
time to go.

Olden Camera is worth a visit; much of their stock hasn't been moved in 25
years!  If you need a Reflex-Korelle or accessories for a 1935 Exakta, this
is the place :)

Wall St. Camera Exchange is well worth a visit.  I went there on a Sunday
morning and practically had the place to myself.  They have bins full of
accessories that you can browse through.  Also be sure to meet Apollo, "the
most photographed dog on Wall Street."

And while I'm at it...


several used-camera dealers in Southampton Row; good used section at Jessops
(New Oxford St.); several high-end collectible camera shops with
*magnificent* displays across the street from the British Museum (Great
Russell St).  If you like N*k*n, be sure to visit Grays of Westminster.


York pawn shop (Ste. Catherine St.); Simon's in Old Montreal (perhaps the
best, full of things that have been there a long time); for new equipment,
Camera Service, also in Old Montreal.

You can tell what I do when I have a free day on a business trip! :) :)

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