Re: [OM] Who "should" own an OM camera?

Subject: Re: [OM] Who "should" own an OM camera?
From: John Gaasland <kayak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 10:39:58 +0000
William Sommerwerck wrote:
> Someone recently asked which OM camera and lens he should buy on a
> budget of $250. This got me to thinking as to why anyone with only $250
> would want to own an OM camera.
> When the OM system was introduced, it was pretty much a mid- to high-end
> system. The lenses were hardly inexpensive (I think Minolta, Pentax, and
> Canon lenses cost less).
> If someone intends to gradually assemble an OM system comprising one of
> the better bodies (-3 or -4) and mostly Zuiko lenses, I could very well
> seem him starting out with a "budget" system. But if this $250 purchase
> is essentially the _only_ Olympus OM purchase this buyer will make (he
> didn't say _what_ his intent was), then I wonder why anyone would choose
> an OM camera. The IS-20 would be a much better choice.
> Comments, anyone?

Hi William, I'm that person with the $250! I am buying an OM2n, and I'm
looking for another lens besides the 50mm too. I just sold a camera for
about the same price, so I was looking for a replacement. In 1977 I
bought a new black OM2, put a roll of film in it, and climbed
Mt.Rainier. I was so tired and fuzz headed near the top that I left the
pack it was in behind during a rest stop. Never even got to use it!  So,
I guess this is kind of a wish fullfilment  thing. Besides, I still
think it's a great camera, just the thing for a trip I'm taking this
year. I like manual cameras, but thought I'd take a great leap forward
with the apererature priority feature! Anyway, it's been fun to be on
the list. John Gaasland.

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