Re: [OM] OM-4Ti and OM-1 accessories opinions wanted...

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-4Ti and OM-1 accessories opinions wanted...
From: "Ken Norton" <image66@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 17:06:37 -0500
>>I've been looking at 3-4 main categories - 28mm F2.8, 50mm F1.4, 100mm
>>F2.8, 300mm F4. And I've also adopted the mentality of "Nothing but
>>Zuiko". Is this a fair guide?? How do the Tamrons, Tokina's, etc.
>>compair to Zuiko?? Needless to say, going for 3rd party opens up my
>>range and variety of combinations - but I sharp photos (in this case for
>>Astronomy - so pinpoint sharp stars are nice).

When dealing with primes, of course the Zuikos will be better.  However, if
you want a decent zoom, the Brand-X lenses can give the Zuikos a run for the
money.  There are a number of examples of lenses from Tokina, Sig----ma
(excuse me, that was hard to write), and Vivitar that are not only supurb
but superior to examples from Olympus.

I believe that there is also a big difference between what lenses are the
"best" quality and those that are the most usuable.  For example, my "best"
lens is the 35/shift, but my most usable is a Tokina AT-X 35-70/2.8.  The
Tokina is turning out to be my "money" lens.  Oh, did I also mention that it
performs better than most of my Zuiko primes too?

Point is, if you get seek out quality lenses, it doesn't always matter what
the name on the barrel is.  I too went through a phase of only zuikos, but I
missed out on some decent lens opportunities because of it.

Ken N.

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