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Subject: Re: [OM] 40mm Zuiko
From: "R. Wastell" <rrw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 18:05:53 -0800
I am looking at my 40/2.0 as I type this. I see nothing referencing a Guide
Number. There are only the usual Zuiko markings for depth -of-field,
focusing distance (down to 0.3 M) and aperture (16-2). There is no room for
anything else!  In fact, the lens is awkward to use without a filter because
the aperture ring is also the filter ring.  It is hard to adjust the
aperture without  the extra width of a filter to grip. Otherwise I risk
putting my fingers on the front element. The outer edge of the aperture ring
is serrated to help the grip but in the heat of the moment it is all to easy
to slip.


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Subject: Re: [OM] 40mm Zuiko


>> This lens also had a GN coupler. You set the guide number of your flash
>> on the lens, and when the coupler was engaged, the lens opening
>> automatically varied as you focused the lens -- automatic flash exposure
>> from a manual flash.
>  I thought only the Nikon GN 45/2.8 lens had this feature. Do the OM 40mm
>do this too ? I own a Nikon 45/2.8, a very lightweight, interesting lens
>that is ultra-sharp and a joy to carry (though the 50/1.8E is as light or
>lighter). Currently, Pentax hath intro'ed another pancake lens, a
>40mmf/1.9 that has received great reviews.
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