[OM] Olympus and OM

Subject: [OM] Olympus and OM
From: Steven_Read@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 21:44:23 -0400

You know, whenever I see something like this:

   From: Ralph Nitschke <Ralph_Nitschke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
   ...I went out with a friend yesterday who wanted to look around for
   a manual camera.  She is clear in that she wants a manual
   everything camera...

my immediate reactions is OM-1n.    Which leads directly to:

   From: Pauls0627@xxxxxxx
   ...If the OM line is going to continue...

So has anyone on the list bought a new lens (other than macro) within say the
last 10 years?  I certainly haven't, it's been 15 years since my last "new from
Oly lens".  And I'd never recommend an OM-2000 over an OM-1n, and I tell
everyone who's remotely interested in an assortment of lenses about KEH.  So how
can Olympus make a few yen for it's owners from the OM line?

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