Re: [OM] Theoretical lens resolution

Subject: Re: [OM] Theoretical lens resolution
From: PCACala@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 11:45:25 EDT
Hi Mark:

> If you are limited by the film to be about 100 lp/mm resolution when
>  in fact most 35mm lenses are far above this, then why are ANY lenses
>  quoted in having less than 100 lp/mm resolution.   Look at some of
>  the numbers in the web pages linked to Lee Hawkins web site.  Some
>  lenses, wide open, are down around 50 lp/mm.  This doesn't seem to
>  make sense.

I'm not sure what is being asked here.  But two comments which might help
clarify a restated question.  One is that the contrast difference between the
original line pairs
 is important.  The higher the contrast, the easier it is for a lens to
resolve a difference.  Second, aberrations come into play at wide apertures
and are the biggest factor in limiting the theoretical resolution which you

Gary Reese
Las Vegas, NV

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