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Subject: Re: [OM] bokeh?;
From: Steven_Read@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 16:01:51 -0400

Gary Reese <PCACala@xxxxxxx> writes in response to William Sommerwerck

on "bokeh."

>It is a Japanese origin term, with no English translation, referring
>to the aesthetic quality of the out of focus image gained from
>a combination of large aperture, long focal length and many bladed diaphragm.

and, believing all he says and being a real believer in playing with depth of
field, for the first time noticed "large aperture" and "many bladed diaphragm"
together and said "hunh"!?  Why on earth would the diaphragm have any affect on
bokeh when it's fully retracted...  Or does does it only "happen" at less than
wide open?  First I'm going to go search the archives** and then I'm going to go
out with my 100 & 180/2.8 and take a series of pictures with the lens full open,
1 stop closed, 2 stops closed...  No more serendipitous bokeh for me!

** Just back from the archive search and taking a moment to appreciate having a
searchable archive.  (OM mane pad me).  (Thanks Shawn)  So it should be
"Pin-Bokeh"?  (Thanks Tomoko)

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