Re: [OM] OM 2 mirror problem

Subject: Re: [OM] OM 2 mirror problem
From: "Charles Loeven" <cpl49@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 20:51:04 -0400
Thanks again to you all for the input.
I suspect that the batteries may not be all that fresh although they are new
from the shop.  I will have them tested at a battery store and try other new
if they read low.  I have had experience with the check light being bright
and steady yet the batteries read low on a tester.  I don't have a tester so
I will take care of this tomorrow. (I hope) Next step is a trip to the OM
doctor, Dr. H.

Charlie L.

<<"I took off the lens of my OM-2 and found the mirror was locked up. So I
moved the shutter speed dial to "B" to  reset the mirror. Nothing happened.
So I put the new batteries in the camera, and switched to "B." Nothing.
Mirror still locked up. Tried it with the switch in various positions.
Nothing. I kept trying for about a minute--maybe less. Then I switched to
"B" one last time, and "kerthwap!," the mirror came down, and the camera
worked perfectly. What could cause the mirror to stay up when I switched to
"B?" Isn?t this a mechanical reset that?s independent of batteries?"
Peter A. Klein>>

<<"For various reasons, it is very common to get mirror lock even with good
batteries. A dirty trigger or magnet can cause this problem (amongst 5-6
other reasons)".
John Hermanson>>

Hope it helps.


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