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Subject: Re: [OM] OM-4 or 4t
From: Pauls0627@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 07:36:11 EDT
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<< What I need to know is, to begin with, whether the OM-4 is a good camera.
 Or should I keep looking for a 2s?  Also is the 4t a significant improvement
 over the 0M-4?  Should I spend the extra cash?
 As I've already heard a couple of views on the issue, I realise that this is
 somewhat of a loaded question.  But I'd like to  hear from some of you are
 still using OM-4s.  Bottom line is that while I don't really want to throw
 my money away on a lemon, I do like the features the electronic camera has
 to offer. >>

I own an OM-4 and a -2S. I think both are good cameras. It's true that some 
OM-4s (and OM-2S's, I believe) had circuits go bad resulting in battery 
drain. I haven't heard many new battery drain stories lately, and I suspect 
the bad ones may have all been weeded out by now. BTW, the OM-4 can have the 
-4Ti circuit installed, but it is not considered economical. There are no 
circuits left for the OM-2S.

If you have the $$$, go for the OM-4T. If you can't swing it, make sure the 
OM-4 is in good shape, and try to get some return policy (I think the battery 
drain problem will show in about a week or two.

Hope this helps.

Paul Schings
Coventry, RI

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