Re: [OM] Vision Age - April 2nd

Subject: Re: [OM] Vision Age - April 2nd
From: ClassicVW@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 16:25:52 EDT
In a message dated 4/5/99 10:33:22 AM EST, 
Bill_J._Rice_at_RLT012@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Again, this is what it would cost if we decide we need them ASAP (as is 
 case with most Zuikoholics. :-)).  Surface shipment would definitely cost 
 much less but could take much longer. >>

My 0.02 worth goes like this- 
        1.-   We've gone without the issues for a long time. 

        2.-   If it weren't for David's help most of us would probably NEVER 
get the                                  issues.

        3.-   I've used surface shipping from Europe and found it to be 10-14 
days,                           generally, (very limited experience, 
however.) not unreasonable.

                So,  if it's $26.71 vs. $5.73, why should I throw $21 away?  
I will, of course,              go  with the majority on this. Just my 
observation, unless someone can                         show  me I've got it 

George S.

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