[OM] OM5 - belated April 1...

Subject: [OM] OM5 - belated April 1...
From: Jan Decher <Jan.Decher@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:07:13 -0500
>Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999
>Subject: [OM] A PRoduct Information reLease FrOm Our LeaderS

Thanks to Paul Schings last week for posting the "wishful" OM 5
announcement.  I had fun drafting a similar "hoax" some weeks ago but then
did not actually get around to sending it on "the appropriate date".
Great minds think alike.

Anyway, here for your amusement. is my version of "wishful thinking...":

NEW_NEW_NEW: New OMi5 out soon

Okiuz Kirashawa of Olympus finally revealed the launch of the long awaited
OMi5 camera at the 13th international Fair for Long-awaited Optical and
Photographic Innovation (FLOPI) in Honolulu.  The new model will deviate
somewhat from the traditional body style of previous models as it will
accomodate both digital backs and as series of new contacts on the mount
for the new AF Zuiko line to be expected down the road (compare Leica R8).

As an odd numbered release, the OM5 will be all-mechanical with shutter
speeds of 15 sec to 1/4000th and choice of flash synch at 1/125 and 1/500.
Spot metering will be available as well as TTL flash.  Unique in the design
is a modification of the bayonet to accomodate a simple M42 and a Contax
adapters.  Users can remove the inner part of the bayonet mount using a
lever at the bottom of the camera and replace it with the bayonet adapter
of their choice (other adapters to be expected).  By doing this Olympus
hopes to remain competitive with other camera brands.

The OMi5 will also have exchangeable backs reminiscent of the Zeiss
Contarex but without  going to the awkward cube design tried by Rollei in
their 2000 and 3000 SLR models.  Traditionalists will welcome the
mechanical selftimer (5-30 seconds) and a mirror-up function as in the OM1.

The new OMi5 will be available in titanium finish and as well as three
postmodern color choices (Stieglitz blue, Adams gray, and Feininger red) -
since a somewhat similar strategy has recently boosted sales for a small
but innovative US computer company.  Hence perhaps the insertion of the "i"
in the camera label.


P.S.: FOR the trusting ones among you: THIS IS ONLY A HOAX.

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