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Subject: Re: [OM] Digital camera
From: ClassicVW@xxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 22:56:29 EDT
<< My humble opinions about digital cameras around $1000...
 >I got a DC-260 from Kodak (around $900), with a resolution of more
 >than 1500x1000.  I do not like it.
 >Some features:
 >- It is slow
 >- It eats batteries.
 >- no real manual mode, bad long time exposure mode
 >- flaky software (on of them does not "boot" anymore).
 >- It can take very reasonable outdoor shots of well lighted scenes,
 >  just like a point&shoot.
 > >>

        While I don't own a digital camera (yet), I have used an associate's 
($300 street price) Ricoh, and it suffers from all of the aforementioned 
ills, but it takes good photos indoors, too. I'd agree that it is comparable 
to a point and shoot. I'd almost expect most of these faults in the Ricoh 
because of the low price, but I wouldn't expect them in a $1000 camera. I 
think battery life could be measured in minutes, not hours. (OK, I'm 
exaggerating....but only slightly!).
        Without meaning to sound insensitive to your plight, I'd put the $900 
Kodak on 
e-Bay! Just say- "works great!" and "Like new in box!" Who knows, you may 
make enough profit to finance serious OM purchases! 
        Seriously, I'd sell that puppy in a New York minute and buy OM stuff.

Good Luck
George S.

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