Re: [OM] Life is good with an OM4T

Subject: Re: [OM] Life is good with an OM4T
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 23:24:31 EDT
In a message dated 99-04-13 12:09:13 EDT, you write:

<< This is what I've done in tricky places like slot canyons.  I'll bring 2
 tripods if I can. 4T on one, medium or 4x5 on the other.  Then I use the
 4T as a meter for the others. I'll set it to auto at an appropriate
 aperture, then time how long the shutter is open.  Then I have a base to
 work from.  Course, I may stop down further on the larger formats and
 adjust shutter time accordingly, with due consideration to reciprocity
 as well.
 George >>

Yikes, this is the second opinion on this topic.  This means I'll have to 
haul both 645 system loaded with Velvia and also at least my OM4T to the 
slots next month. Even though my OM4T has never had print film in it, I guess 
it'll serve double duty as a sophisticated metering system and also prints 
for the family to see. 


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