Subject: Re:[OM] 24MM SHIFT
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:30:24 -0400
Ken M. wrote:
>I have been saving my pennies and would like to purchase a >zuiko 24mm shift -
>anyone want to part with one or any suggestions as to the >best place to look
>would be appreciated. A new one at a good price is ok.
Gee, when I was in Japan visiting my parents in March, I saw two used samples of
the 24mm shift (like new) at good prices and a new one at a heavily discounted
price.  They were not bargains like Jan Steinman bought, but if you want the
24mm shift in good condition, I thought that they were good buys and I
publicized this possibility of the new one through Giles, but no serious buyers

I bought my 24mm shift lens from Yodobashi at a discount (less than their
discounted price), which was higher than the heavily-discounted price I saw

If you are buying it used, make sure that the front element is not damaged,
which is the first to get damaged because of the protruding nature and its soft
material.  Also you need a special rubber front lens cap for this lens.  If the
lens comes without it, you'd better forget it.

In order to use this lens properly, you need a good tripod with a spirit level.
Also it helps tremendously to have a Beattie screen with a grid. So be prepared
to have enough money.

I've found one on the Web site of Woodmere Camera as I was hunting for something
else.  Hopefully somebody else can comment on the reliability of this store.  I
don't know what they mean by 990erfect.  Anybody willing to comment?


Tomoko Yamamoto

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