Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function

Subject: Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function
From: "Hans van Veluwen" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 12:15:08 +0200
Tobias Andersson wrote:

: What I'd like is to be able to look at for example a darker area, pull the
: MEMO-lever and lock it to that dark spot at for example 1/30 sec, then look
: at a brighter area, and still take a photo with 1/30. Then I'd be able to
: change the aperature without having to mind the time.

: If what you say is true, and my camera does work as you say, I can't use the
: MEMORY-function as I would like to. Instead I have to do one of the
: following to solve a situation like the one above:
: 1. Aim at the exact spot - press spot metering - Pull lever - (perhaps
: adjust aperature) - Shoot

Well if a center-weighted average metering is what you want, but you insist on
not 'wasting' one lousy frame, then you can always try to be smarter than the
built-in meter. With multi spot metering, it is very easy to emulate
center-weighted average metering. Just take four spot reading near the four
corners, and four spot readings near the center, and I'm sure the indicated
value will be very close to the one center-weighted average gave you. You can
fine-tune it towards longer shutter speeds to do an extra spot reading of a
darker area or towards shorter shutter speeds by spot metering a bright area.
Pull the memo lever, park the brain (but have it in stand-by mode!) and you can
change aperture afterwards without thinking. Only difference is that it not
measured OTF. And if the brain gets itchy, you can always, as you already
suggested, go to Manual Mode.

: Don't you agree that Olympus could have solved this function better?

No I don't. As it is designed it is much more versatile and you can even throw
in OTF techniques. Just one example where it can be a big plus: a macro shot
with a black background, measured OTF and lit with a T series flash. What you
can do with an OM-4(Ti) is to take one test shot, with a neutral grey card
behind the subject, using this shot as the LV base value for the memo function,
then remove the card to do the real shots with the black background and not have
to worry about exposure compensation. Are you sorry to 'waste' one shot? No
you're not; without this memo function, using exposure compensation instead, you
would have to bracket anyway.

Hans van Veluwen
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