Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function (long)

Subject: Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function (long)
From: Omer Nezih GEREK <gerek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 18:52:36 +0200 (MET DST)
On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Blaz Vrabec wrote:

> But I can't think of a reason why one would want to use memory function with
> average metering mode. Memory function is IMHO intended for situations where 
> you
> want to bracket or make several pictures in sequence in difficult lighting
> conditions. And in difficult lighting conditions one would usually use spot
> metering.

Well, I shot several sequence shots to cut and paste to form a panoramic 
look. Usually, one side is brighter than the other side of the scene. With 
an OM4T, I thought I got a memory lock from somewhere in between the two 
view points and then started shooting from one of the views. And since, 
by coincidence, I started from the darker part with the memory function 
turned on, all the prints were over-exposed. Starting from the other side 
would give me underexposure. It was too late when I realised that memory 
lock did not work the way I thought.

Every now and then, I take serial shots in the *manual* mode. It is a very 
firm and solid exposure lock! If the case of sudden changes in lighting 
conditions is an issue, the same problem exists always after the exposure 
memorizing is physically done.


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