Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function

Subject: Re: [OM] OM4Ti - Memory Function
From: "Hans van Veluwen" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 20:47:41 +0200
Paul Schings wrote:

: The thing that intrigues me is that Hans is saying here that MEMO works with
: TTL flash as well. I wasn't aware of that, and don't believe I ever read it
: in the OM-4 manual

Oooooops, my mistake. It was only wishfull thinking. Memo is disabled when a T
flash is connected and activated, and when the memo function is already active
and you connect and activate a T flash, the memo function is cancelled. Any spot
metered value is cancelled as well. Oh well, at least I've found yet another
method to disable the memo function. Can be handy when the spot reset button is
scraped off by using off-brand lenses ;) And this flash memo function I made up
is maybe something for the OM-6 wish list... because I think technically it
would be no problem?

Well my example is still a usefull one, but for available light only...

Olaf wrote:

:Yes, but now it has me wondering what happens if you first take e.g. 2 spot
:readings, operate the memory lever, take 2 more spot readings and then fire
:away. What will then be stored in memory, the first two spot readings (as
:one would expect), or the four ones that have been taken at the time you
:release the shutter?

If just tried it, before I make another mistake ;). If you haven't taken the
first shot after pulling the memo level, you can still continue spot metering
and it will still be averaged (that is, added to the series of spot metered
values already stored). When the first shot is taken with the memorized LV the
spot meter is inactive (has no effect on the stored LV). So there is some
similarity to the OTF memo function.

Olaf wrote also:

:Geez! That sucks, and that's also quite opposite to how I thought it

Well this thread prooves that the memo function is more complex than most of us
thought. I must admit that a few years ago I only had the OM-4 and didn't
understand it either, mainly because of the stupid pictogrammed 'manual' that
accompanied it. At least that's been improved in the OM-4Ti manual. I never
understood the reason for these pictogram manuals. Either Olympus thought
photographers can't read or are not willing to read, or they wanted that maybe
in the year 3000 when our civilization is excavated people (?) would still
understand how OM cameras operated, or maybe they were intended as a means of
communication with our beloved Spacemen (OM-4Ti manual, page 116) when they
finally land.

Anyway, for those who will now doubt everything I've written on the subject,
here's how to do The Memo Test yourself:

Before taking the last shot of your film, activate the memo function when there
is no spot reading active. Stop down the lens and/or point it towards a dim lit
area so that averaged center-weighted available light metering says something
like 1/15 sec. Take the shot, and notice that indeed the shutter speed you hear
would be something like 1/15. Now rewind the film completely into the film
cannister, and take a dummy shot, pointed in any direction. You will hear the
same shutter speed as before - it has been memorized. Now cancel the memo
function, and reactivate it. Press the shutter again, pointed in the same
direction as before memorizing the last shot of the film, with 1/15 sec
indicated in the viewfinder. The shutter will stay open for an extended period,
since light is now measured OTB (Off The Back ;).

Quod erat demonstrandum.


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