[OM] Dispute with Photographic Photo & Video Brooklyn

Subject: [OM] Dispute with Photographic Photo & Video Brooklyn
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 18:08:03 -0400
I have a news for those of you who still remember my post regarding the business
practice of Photographic Photo & Video in Brooklyn.

Today I received a letter from my credit card company, Citibank.  They resolved
the dispute in my favor!  I did not lose any money in the transaction in which I
ordered stupidly a B300 from this store and getting a Phoenix teleconverter
instead.  It did cost my time to prepare documents to prove my case.

Stick with those businesses who have a good reputation, and stay away from many
businesses advertising in Pop Photo and Shutterbug.

Although B&H does not list the B300 in their catalog, they do have them in
stock.  I paid $123.50 for the item and $6.95 for shipping to Baltimore,
Maryland.  Yes, I live in the United States, but I am Japanese.

The item description in my invoice says "Olympus B300 300mm Tele Lens f/IS-3".
I never got around to report its performance in my test, but I do like its
performance.  While it is possible to hand-hold the combo of the B300 and the
shorter telephoto like the 100mm/2.8, you need to support the combo and the
camera to a sturdy tripod and a telephoto support for optimal performance.

Tomoko Yamamoto

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