Re: [OM] 55mm 1.2 lens

Subject: Re: [OM] 55mm 1.2 lens
From: "Judy Bandy" <gabeb1946@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 22:45:41 -0700
Thanks for your input Joel - yes I tested the diaphragm before I brought this 
home. I now believe that I had the OM4 on auto but the diaphragm on 2.8 or 
something dumb like that. Doing a new test roll now. 

P.S. This is actually Gabe husband of Judy (who kindly gave me this account a 
year or so ago so it's still in her name.) I am the camera bug, she is the 
painter in the family.

Cheers !
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    I was recently offered (for what I believe to be a very good price) a 55 
f1.2 - I've had this lens for a week, took some casual test shots (I think I 
screwed up the exposure and was WAY overexposed) and was surprised to see some 
really lousy results. I've seen talk about how poor this lens is - could 
somebody or everybody elaborate? The outer ring has the following writing on it 
    G. Zuiko Auto S Japan Olympus OM system 

    Thanks everyone


  Welcome to the list, Judy.

  Do the lens aperture blades open and close freely? When you put the aperture 
to f16, flick the little lever on the back of the lens that stops down the 
lens. If that doesn't work freely, that's why you're getting overexposures. 
Also check for evidence of oil on the aperture blades.

  Joel Wilcox
  Iowa City, Iowa USA

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