RE: [OM] Mandler 50mm f/2 Summicron-M tested (fwd)

Subject: RE: [OM] Mandler 50mm f/2 Summicron-M tested (fwd)
From: *- DORIS FANG -* <sfsttj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 09:57:07 -0400 (EDT)

Simon E. wrote:
>I think we were talking at cross-purposes.  I never suggested that
>photographers, famous or otherwise, were foolish in choosing to buy a
>Leica. I'm sure you'd agree with Giles, who wrote:

>You are right though, the tools are far less important than the craftsman who 
>wields them and we get hung up on the equipment but I think it is far
harder to discuss the non technical aesthetic aspects of photography with words 
it >is to discuss the technical side of things.  

  Yes, I agree with this wholeheartedly.

> Discussing non-technical aesthetic aspects of photography is more
> valuable to us as intelligent human beings than talking about hardware.
> To counter this, may I add that I think knowing technical information
> can help us discover what is possible, and can enlighten one's practise.

 We live in a technical age, and it is not surprising that people tend
to focus on that, but I attend to it only in the context of the service
of one's vision. I just read a Galen Rowell quote from Einstein that I'll
butcher here,but it goes something like: "Perfection of means and
confusion of goals seem to characterize our age."

                                        In agreement,
                                       *= Doris Fang =*


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