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Subject: RE: [OM] Leica jewelry OT
From: "Will von Dauster" <vondauster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 09:50:18 -0700
Hi All,

John Lind wrote (first quoting me):

>The Arts and Crafts movement (Morris, Ruskin, et al) of the last century
>early part of this one stressed craftsmanship, and the ideal that it is
>better to have fewer "things," but that those things that one acquires be
>exquisite quality...

<<Just recognize that is the exception today, not the rule.>>

Absolutely, this was my point too.

<<[Gustav Stickley came from the same mold.  He even published a magazine on
how to build some of his furniture so you could do it yourself.  An
interesting concept as he was a furniture manufacturer too.]>>

Stickley, the publisher of "Craftsman" magazine, is also one of my
favorites, as are the Roycrofters. I guess we should point out Gustav went

<<There are those who buy the Leica because of what it can do know how to
it to its fullest advantage.>>

Yes, exactly. Until recently, Leica was one of those companies that
understood the philosophy of buy quality once as opposed to trendiness
repeatedly. My father's IIc, which he bought new in 1950, is still fully
functional today. I sometimes take it out for some disciplinary exercise.
Perhaps this is why I rather like the OM-1's and 3's over the 2's and 4's,
their continued mechanical operation is a reassuring fall-back when a
battery, or meter, fails.

<<An image conscious camera holder
should do it right and not with one of the aforementioned cameras.  See the
following from Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest site:
Stephen has the right idea on how to do it properly  ;-)>>

Excellent! Stephen, as usual, has it right. Ironically, I am a professional
who, not being a photojournalist, has a reputation for taking meticulous
care of my cameras. Well, OK, my OM-3 is brassed, but my M6 appears almost

I also agree wholeheartedly about Kodak's film format shenanigans. Pity, 127
film had advantages. In addition to 35mm and 120 as stable formats, I
suppose we should add 4 x 5 inch film in the US, anyway.

Will von Dauster

"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious" - Oscar Wilde

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