[OM] FS : Leica M39 Mounts / Flanges

Subject: [OM] FS : Leica M39 Mounts / Flanges
From: HI100@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 03:00:14 EDT
Dear OM adapters,
I have two Leica screw thread , M39 (Enlarger lens mounts) 
for sale. (left over form an adaption project) .

These are fairly standard (three axial screw holes) black 
anodized metal flanges. They are ideal for making enlarger lens to 
OM mount adapters for macro use. Just mount the flange on an 
OM Tmount or old teleconvertor mount (these can 
be bought for $15-$20 used).

Cost $12 each including US shipping 
or both for $22 incl shipping. 

Contact me *** OFF LIST ****.

If a large number of people express interest 
I may be able to get some more.

Tim Hughes

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