[OM] The Unofficial Olympus Web Photo Gallery: New Submissions

Subject: [OM] The Unofficial Olympus Web Photo Gallery: New Submissions
From: Garth Wood <garth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 14:51:44 -0600
Well, it's been hot and humid here in Edmonton, and I've retreated to my 
basement office (where it's bearable) to do some more work on the Gallery.

We have FIVE new contributors to the Gallery, plus a number of new submissions 
from "old" contributors.  ;-)   Of note in many of the submissions is the 
number of people shots, WAY up from previous groups of submissions.  IMHO, this 
is A Good Thing.

New Contributors:

Norman Carr, London, United Kingdom:

   Norman's submitted a potpourri of photos for your perusal.  No theme here, 
but he's obviously got a good eye.

Olaf Greve, Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

   By mutual agreement, Olaf's showing off some of his work on the Oly Gallery. 
 There's also a link back to his own private gallery on Xoom.com.

Mark Headrick, Austin, Texas, USA:

   Mark's a horology (clock and watch) enthusiast, and shares with us a number 
of his fine macro shots of clock and watch innards.  Again, there's a link to 
his own Horology page, with tons of info about the subject.

John A. Lind, Kokomo, Indiana, USA:

   John shares a number of casual photos of family, friends, and local colour 
(or should I say "color"?), as well as a tight shot of a group of fighter jets 
flying in formation.

Terry Mair, Midway, Utah, USA:

   Nice local shots, plus some family casuals.

Returning Contributors:

Siri Bjoner, Norway:

   Siri's got some more shots of interesting people and places.

Gary Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA:

   Gary's sent in three shots with a rocket theme: two of the space shuttle 
Columbia re-entering over Texas at night, and one of a model rocket shoot he 
attended last spring.

Michael Goldfarb, Peekskill, New York, USA:

   No new submissions as such, but I've fixed a reference to some of his other 
(non-Oly) work elsewhere on the Web, at his request.

Giles Stewart, Limerick, Ireland:

   Giles has sent in a single submission of a blushing bride.  ;-)

Garth Wood, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

   Oh, what the Hell.  I got a new slide scanner (a Polaroid Sprintscan 4000, 
which, as its name implies, scans transparencies at 4000 dpi optical -- awesome 
machine!), and decided to plow through some of my slide collection in search of 
interesting images.  A couple of candid portraits, nature stuff, Paris and 
England, an old abbey in Normandy -- a real "grab bag" of images.  Hope you 
like them.


Well, that's about it for this round.  As has become the new practise, all 
submissions are now dated, so you can readily tell the most recent ones, and 
don't have to go hunting too much.  Enjoy, folks!

Garth Wood

"A bad day doing photography is better
 than a good day doing just about 
 anything else."
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