Re: [OM] Lens Fixing"s?

Subject: Re: [OM] Lens Fixing"s?
From: ATRWXXA@xxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 21:54:41 EDT
Depending on how much the lens would cost you to replace,
you might just want to give it a try and attempt to fix it yourself.
If the lense is not operating properly, and it is an relativly inexpensive
lens, the cost of repairing it might be more than the replacement cost 
of the lens.  I just repaired an older Tokina 80-210 F4.5 that had some 
fogging/fungus on one of the internal elements. The lens was not worth 
paying to to have repaired, so i did it on my own.  Now the lens if relatively
clean and totally usable. If its not worth paying for repair for it,
either pitch it, or try to repair it on your own. If you fix it. you just 
60-80$ that you would have spent to get it repaired.....

Another idea is to send it back to Sigma and see if they will do some 
type of factory repair on their product....no loss in trying...

Good luck in what ever you decide...    -Jeff

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