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Subject: Re: [really OT] (was: Re: [OM] OM] OT - Titanium)
From: Chris Barker <cmib@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 20:39:58 +0200
><pedant mode on>
>Actually, it goes over Mach 2 (and sustains supersonic flight without
>afterburners!) (1450MPH@45k'-55k') Also, the skin is polished
>mirror-smooth to minimize friction, but it still gets quite hot in the
>rarified air (don't have exact temp figures on hand).
></pedant mode off>
><Obligatory OM content> The Concorde's four engines are made jointly by
>Olympus/SNECMA. So there, I tossed in "Olympus" for good measure <G>
>/Acer Victoria

Excellent stuff Siddiq!

But I have a feeling that the name Olympus was a Rolls-Royce one and that
SNECMA was merely a political too to satisfy the French Government in what
was supposed to be a collaborative project.  RR Olympus engines powered the
Vulcan bomber I seem to recall as well as the turbine-powered Royal Navy

It's a similar position with Eurofighter: Rolls Royce have the "system
design responsibility" (SDR), but the company responsible for the engines
is Eurojet, a consortium to ensure maximum quadrinational respresentation.
BTW, that engine should be really nice - big thrust and tiny aircraft, a la


ps, I think that most fast jets leak over night.  The Tornado certainly
does not spend much time supersonic (not the bomber version laden with
tanks and self-protection Electronic Warfare gizmos anyway), and the hangar
floor is always oily from engines and hydraulics.

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