Re: [OM] OM 2/SP Program Function

Subject: Re: [OM] OM 2/SP Program Function
From: "Hans van Veluwen" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 14:05:09 +0200
Tobias Andersson wrote:

: How can it be that the camera has these large differences between the
: settings? There are TWO TO THREE STEPS difference!!

Very simple - in Auto and Manual Mode the camera uses the aperture you've set
the lens to, in Program Mode the camera selects the aperture - its value can be
set between wide open and the aperture value you've set the lens to. So to give
the camera full freedom in aperture selection you have to stop down the lens
completely. This is what you appear to have done, looking at the long shutter
speeds for Auto and Manual.
Program mode tries to use relatively short shutter speeds as long as possible,
for hand-held photography. In Auto Mode and Program Mode light is measured
before the exposure to give an indication of the shutter speed that will be
used, but during the exposure it is measured OTF, adjusting shutter speed when
needed, so it won't work correctly w/o film loaded when it measures from the
black camera back.

: BUT IN AUTO MODE: Is it SPOT measuring there too, or is it centered average
: light measuring??

In Program and Auto Mode it is center-weighed average metering.

There's an online manual of the OM-2SP on http://www.grue.net/olydocs/


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