Re: [OM] Waiting On IS-3!!

Subject: Re: [OM] Waiting On IS-3!!
From: Chuck Norcutt <norcutt@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:03:08 -0400
If you're still looking for a G40 this one is still in the window at
Ferrante-Dege. Until yesterday I had never bought anything of
significant price in there.  Yesterday, however, I bought an OM-2n and
50mm f/1.4 (needs some repair) for $100 when the asking price was
$149.95.  So, they will deal.  Hope this helps.

Chuck Norcutt wrote:
> At Ferrante-Dege in Cambridge, Massachusetts (across Massachusetts Ave.
> from Harvard) there are a couple of used IS cameras for sale.  There is
> also, what I assume is, a G40 flash.  Being very unfamiliar with the IS
> system I had thought the sign in the window said "640" but I guess it
> must really be "G40".
> Anyhow, the price had been USD 199.55 and has recently been knocked down
> to USD 149.55.  Still sounds pretty expensive to me for a flash but
> maybe it's a good deal... don't know.  I didn't pick it up but, from the
> window, it looks to be in nice condition.
> Chuck Norcutt
> Woburn, Massachusetts
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Shari Rose said:
>       I too own the IS-3 [as of April 99 NEW!] and LOVE IT!  I also have
> all the accessories [except the G40 flash which I'm still trying to
> get].
> I bought them all through Ebay Auction which have been REALLY good
> prices
> and in great shape.  Might want to check that out.  :)
>       Have fun!

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