[OM] re:(OM) Scanner Volunteers Update

Subject: [OM] re:(OM) Scanner Volunteers Update
From: "Gregg Iverson" <giverson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 21:38:29 -0400
This is a list of scanner volunteers for ADITL2 (updated to August 19). 
I have included any pertinent comments volunteers have made.  Let me
know if you can help.

BTW, the comments of what the individual can scan are before the name
and address

Thanks everyone.
Gregg Iverson

For suggestions and requirements for submitting photos see:

Garth Wood
   Box 52082
   8210 - 109 Street
   Edmonton, Alberta  T6G 2T5
   ATTN.: Web Photo Gallery

I can scan film: negs or slides. I don't own a flatbed scanner, so I
can't do scans from prints.  Glad to help if I can.

Joel Wilcox
Iowa City, Iowa USA

B&W or color, negative or positive, or prints up to 5x7 inches in size. 
I use an HP Photosmart. It scans at 2400 dpi for film and a very humble
300 dpi for prints.  Send me a message off-line at petrush@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
for snail mail details.

John Petrush
South Carolina

Please include a SASE and your email address with whatever you send me.
Also note that the submission format (640x480) is not as wide as a 35mm
frame, so if you have a preference, tell me how you want it cropped.
I'll then email the submission ready JPEG file back to you.

If you're planning to send something close to the submission 
deadline, please email first so I'll be expecting it.

Jan Steinman, <mailto:jans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
: 19280 Rydman Court, West Linn, OR 97068-1331 USA
: +1.503.635.3229

Any prints (slides also OK) to:

1626 Ford St.
Redlands, CA 92373-7131

Tom Moynihan
P. O. Box 224092
Dallas, TX   75222-4092

I have an HP PhotoSmart scanner for slides and negs and prints up to
5x7. Plus an HP5p flatbed scanner for larger prints.

Charles Packard
806 Garden Woods Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35244

I can do prints, negs or slides. 

Mike Butler
Chief Mechanic / Engineer
Dublin, California

I use a flatbed scanner with a transparency adapter so in theory I can
do negatives and slides as well, but in practice only a small percentage
of these turn out really well.

Keith Berry keith_r.k.berry@xxxxxxxxxx
50 Brantley Road
Birmingham B6 7DR

I am happy to scan for ADITL2 also.  I doubt whether it would be
economical for anyone to send me stuff from outside Australia though.

Wayne Harridge
Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia

I have a recently-acquired Minolta Scan Dual so I can volunteer to scan 
slides for the UK and Eire.
SAEs and re-usable packaging would expedite the returns process
I can send full-resolution JPEGs on floppy along with the returned
if anyone wants them.

Brian Windrim
46 Jordan Lane
EH10 4QX

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