Re: [OM] Tilt & shift bellows [was: never produced goodies?]

Subject: Re: [OM] Tilt & shift bellows [was: never produced goodies?]
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 23:08:02 EDT
In a message dated 99-08-14 06:33:55 EDT, you, Foxy, write:

> This site talks about Bronicas. But it mentions in passing to use a ball
>  joint and a lens with a longer register distance. So use a ball joint unit
>  and a T mount (55mm register distance) lens.
I have sitting in a drawer somewhere a 28mm/2.8 T-4 lens with a Minolta 
fitting. I found that the image circle is just too small to tilt at all so I 
gave up on this particular lens. I have a Pentax 645 35mm lens but is has an 
electronic diaphragm so I can't adapt it. Maybe an older Bronica lens might 
work. They have manual diaphragms and come apart from their focusing mounts 
giving them a very narrow dimension towards the lens mount side. I'm still 
looking for someone to donate a 45mm Super Angulon so I can play with it. <g>.


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