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Subject: (Fwd) RE: [OM] A Soft Answer Turneth Away Rays
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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 23:24:42 +0000
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I am relatively new to list. I have been following the various threads   
for over a month but haven't written anything until now. So if I am not   
following the proper etiquette in writing to these discussions let me   

I have some experience of airport scanners recently.  Here in the UK   
there has been some discussions about the airport scanners.  About  a   
month ago I flew from Heathrow to Cairo with OM1, OM2n and Mju-2 and   
about 40 rolls of film. The films were Fuji Superia 200 ASA, Fuji Provia   
100 and 400 and Kodak Elitechrome xtra colour 100.  The films I carried   
them in my hand luggage in xray shield bags.  At Heathrow I had no choice   
but put the bag through the scanner.

In Egypt I took local flights from Cairo - Luxor; Aswan - Abu Simbel; and   
Aswan - Cairo. Each time the  luggage had to go through scanner before   
entering the terminal and then before boarding the plane another scanner!   
So 3 local flights and 6 scanner passes!!  I did not have the luxury of   
hand searches!  I made it a rule before any flight if any camera had a   
film in then I would take the lenses of and put the bodies into  x-ray   
 shield bags.  I did the same with Mju-2 because I thought with its   
plastic body it would offer even less protection then the metal bodied   

On the return journey back to UK at Cairo international airport the same   
2 passes plus an extra one by British Airways before boarding! The shield   
bags must have worked the BA staff asked me what I was carrying in my bag   
because they could not see anything on their scanner!

In all I had 10 scanner passes so I was little apprehensive about the   
cumulative effect on the film. But luckily the results look OK, at least   
to me anyway.

Dinkar Jhalera

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My brother returned from Europe with a *happy* story about evading the
scanners.  After some of the tales of woe I've heard about this on list,   
thought many of you might be interested in his narrative. Good Iowa boy.

Joel Wilcox
Iowa City, Iowa USA

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         Returned home Friday at 7:30 PM, local time, but 2:30 AM, body   
I think the trip home was worse than driving a 1000 miles in a day.

        Here's what happened with the film.  Of course, I left the US   
with a
visual inspection.  On the return trip we left Munich for Heathrow at
12:05 PM.  The inspector honored my visual inspection request but
required me to open up all 60 film canisters.  I gladly obliged and
thanked her.  At Heathrow--the moment of truth--the sign over the
carry-on scanner said something like:  "All items will be scanned.  The
X-rays will not damage film."   I handed my baggy of 60 rolls and was
told the scanner would not hurt the film.  I was nice but showed
concern, and a supervisor came over to reassure me.  He stated that
testing has shown that film can be scanned multiple times without
problems.  He further stated that it would have to be so, as they would
be open to lawsuits.  I said little, but my face still registered
concern and worry.  I then offered to personally open all 60 canisters
if they would accommodate me.  I was then sent over to a nice female
inspector, and I helped her open all the cartridges.  I thanked her
enthusiastically.  I had escaped Heathrow--unscanned!

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