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Subject: Re: [OM] Photo Techniques. was: Great Galloping Zweekos
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Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 07:59:55 EDT
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>> I've not made up my mind how I'll carry the 350.  Option 1 is to put it
 in it's hard case with a body and MD and 1.4x mounted.  Then put that in
 my large hard sided suitcase and lock it and check it!

Wow - that sounds risky.   Has this worked for you in the past?

 Option B is to put the lens in the backpack, leave it's hard case at
 home and carry-on the backpack.  Yes it actually fits quite well, with
 the body and MD and 1.4x attached, in the longish center compartment of
 the big backpack.  (Fits also in my smaller 35mm pack & is actually
 quite a (relatively) comfortable way to carry it around in the field.)
 Option B requires only that I stuff the film, filters and ready-load
 holder that would normally be in the center,  in another carry-on. 
 Option 1 is probably easier, but I just say a TV exposee showing baggage
 handlers rummaging through passengers checked bags. I hate it when that

That's great info on how one can carry around a beast like that  - thanks!  
Maybe there's yet another Zuiko to put on my acquisition list....

I remember reading a story in Outdoor Photographer where George Lepp happened 
to be looking out the window of his plane and actually saw a member from the 
baggage crew walking away on the tarmac with his checked 400/2.8, 
illustrating why he never checks expensive lenses.   Disguising it inside 
other luggage may help, but I would hate to take chances with a coveted and 
rare lens like that 350.   

One more question - is the Super-Trekker small enough to be carry-on?



Greg L.

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