Re: [OM] Photo Techniques. was: Great Galloping Zweekos

Subject: Re: [OM] Photo Techniques. was: Great Galloping Zweekos
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 16:40:26 +0000
At 19:28 8/22/99 , Gary Edwards wrote:
>1. Theft.  It will be obvious to them what is inside after they xray it.  
>Crooks know what photo gear, especially high end pro gear, is worth.
>2. Shock.  I don't care how well fitted the factory case is.  I have seen 
>baggage fall 15 feet to the pavement off the conveyor belt to the baggage 
>hold on jumbo jets.
>3. Loss.  It's been a while since they lost my bags, but it happens.. a lot.

4.  Airline Liability and the *Pain* of Claims.  The airlines have
liability limits on domestic checked baggage.  My experience over the past
two years of heavy business travel is they do *not* care about your checked
baggage.  *Never* put anything valuable in it.  Just the luggage, clothing
and toiletry contents you can easily go over the limits (depending on how
much you take and whether you have Nordstrom or Salvation Army luggage and

-- John

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