Re: [OM] The Dreaded Fungi (and I *don't* mean "fun guy")

Subject: Re: [OM] The Dreaded Fungi (and I *don't* mean "fun guy")
From: Mark Dapoz <md@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 19:24:29 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Garth Wood wrote:

> Well, close inspection of my beloved 100mm F/2.0 Zuiko has revealed a 
> fine ghostly white spiderweb tracery on the inside of the front lens 
> element, which looks suspiciously like fungus.  Damn and Blast It All,
> Anyways.  :-/

Fungus in Alberta?  I didn't think it would survive the winter :-)

> Anybody recommend a good place to send this baby to for a total cleaning?  
> Please keep in mind that I live in Canada, and while I don't have any real 
> problems with sending it across a national border, relative speed and a 
> fine job are uppermost in my mind.  A local friend recommended that (a) 
> I keep it far, far away from the tender mercies of W. Carsen Co. Ltd. in 
> Don Mills, Ontario (the Canadian importer of Olympus), since their service 
> and speed was less than stellar, and (b) that I try Olympus America (who 
> might be able to replace the front element if the fungus has progressed 
> far enough to "etch" the glass...)

Within Canada there are a few places sanctioned by Olympus (Carsen).  You
can find them at the following link (including one in Calgary and one in 
Edmonton): http://www.carsengroup.com/conservice.htm
I've only ever used Nortown in Mississauga, and that was a long time ago.
They did an ok job but their turnaround time is long.  Good luck with the
repair.  Be sure to price a new front element since it may not be as
expensive as you may think (< $100CDN ?).

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