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Subject: Re: [OM] help! Re: Mailing List (fwd)
From: Eden <Eden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 08:40:02 +0100
In message <Pine.SOL.3.95.990823171323.27251C-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Acer Victoria <siddim01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>No idea, Garth. I was rec.photo.35mm.equipment and someone had some
>question about OM or Zuikos. I posted some URLs, etc. Jenna, the original
>poster, emailed me and I suggested she join the list. I went to
><http://zuiko.sls.bc.ca/swright/olympustlist.html> and copied the
>instructions to her. She got back saying no-go. I did the same again, and
>suggested emailing the listadmin (and forgot to put the hyphen between
>:owner: and :olympus:) All failing, I forwarded it to the list. 
>When I joined, I couldn't get on either. I recall emailing the listadmin
>with my troubles, and then voila, I start getting list mails. I'm quite
>computer savvy too, but couldn't figure out majordomo. Best,

Hi Everyone,

It's great to be finally on the list so thanks to those who helped me
and thanks in advance to those who I'm going to plague with my newbie
questions in the future.

I've been on the net for 5 years so majordoma isn't a complete mystery
to me. I subscribed and received the confirmation e-mail which I duly
returned. My help file then arrived so I just sat back to wait for your
enthralling and informative posts. That was on the 16th if I recall
correctly but a week is an age on the internet so I guessed something
was amiss therefore contacted Acer. Chivalry is not dead. <g>

I was delighted when Acer mentioned this OM10 list in
rec.photo.equipment.35mm for I only purchased my one a week ago so am
completely in the dark as to it's merits or peculiarities. I must add
that I'm also new to SLR as I've only used compacts, my last being a
Pentax ESP10 so I am eagerly devouring any advice. My OM10 came with a 
50mm & 70-210mm lens, macro lens, a range of cokin filters, cable
release, bag and manuals all for 190ukp which seems to have been a
bargain. This week I bought a Winder2 and a 3 metre release cable so
that I can take advantage of my garden which is a haven for wildlife.  I
put in a pond a couple of years ago which really has become an oasis for
an extensive range of fascinating creatures, we even had a couple of
deer one morning.

On a personal level I am a freelance writer, wife and mother whose
youngest son is going off to university in a few weeks time therefore it
is my intention to reclaim my youth and do whatever the mood takes me.
(She states defiantly). My son bought me the camera so that I would have
a new interest and what a new and exciting world it has opened up for me
since I usually spend more than 12 hours a day pounding computer keys.
On Sunday I went to a Pipe Band Competition and used 3 rolls of film,
I'm picking up the prints today so hopefully there will be at least one
decent enough to put on my website.

I look forward to participating in this group and will try not to ask
too many cringingly embarrassing questions that any idiot would know the
answer to.  
Regards, Jenna 

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