[OM] FS list

Subject: [OM] FS list
From: Jan Decher <jan.decher@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:44:45 -0700
Here again FS:

OM2n (chrome) EX+ condition w/ 1.8/50mm Zuiko, lens hood, caps,
shoe cracked as usual, but works fine------------$265 + $10 shipping

OM4 black body, EX+, in original box, very little brassing
(serviced by John Hermanson last winter)--------$325 + $10 shipping

OM2n flash shoe, new in box-----S O L D

OM Zuiko 3.5/28mm, condition EX+, with rubber WA lens hood and caps-----$75

OM Winder II in original box, instr. book., condition EX++ -----$100

OM Remote release for winder (3m), like new, in box.-----$20

OM external battery pack for winder, like new, in box-----$30
(this is the "winter pack" with 4 AA cells and cable connection)

OM manual extension tube 7mm, EX + in velvet-lined box-----$25

OM auto extension tube, 25mm, EX+------S O L D

T20 flash with pouch (EX+), flash extender, and 3rd party autocord------$85

OM Lens Handbook, 1986 edition, EX+ condition------S O L D

Metz Flash 40CT4 w/ swivel shoe (powerful GN 40 at 100 ASA) with 110/220V
recharger, instr. book  (NOT TTL)---------$45

Metz Flash 34 BCT2 (GN 34 at 100 ASA) takes 4 AA batteries (NOT TTL)-----$35

Metz External sensor, extends makro working range of both flashes
  instr. book
Add $5 for shipping of small items.
Payment by Postal Money order or cashier's check.

Contact me directly at:  Jan.Decher@xxxxxxx

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