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Subject: Re: [OM] help! Re: Mailing List (fwd)
From: Eden <Eden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:21:09 +0100
In message <199908251352.GAA02430@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, Giles
<cnocbui@xxxxxxxxx> writes
Thanks, you guys are so generous.

>Pipe band Competition eh, would that put you on the same island as myself or 
North of Scotland - plenty of scenery but not always the weather to
capture it. As I said earlier I used 3 rolls of film but I've ended up
with 'only two' pictures that I am pleased with, I've a lot of slightly
blurred images and others taken from too far away.

>There is a web site called the Unofficial Olympus Gallery - 
I think that was the site I visited recently, - the skills were so
evident that I almost put my little camera back into it's box. <g> 
I found another excellent site last night, a very helpful guide to
placing images on the web http://photo.net/wtr/thebook/images.html

>Another thing which might be of interest is an activity in September, 
>on the 21st, which has been dubbed ADITL - A Day In The Life - where those 
>interested take a photo of something then the results are collected in on 
>viewing and possibly comment.  
Great Idea. 


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