RE: [OM] RE: (OT) E100VS (was (OT) High Mountain photos)

Subject: RE: [OM] RE: (OT) E100VS (was (OT) High Mountain photos)
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 18:25:42 +0000
At 14:00 8/27/99 , Joel Wilcox wrote:
>When you say you've gotten away with it, do you mean you find the results
>acceptable, or do you do something "special"?  Also I wonder how
>ethnocentric this prescription is, as my Asian friends and relatives look
>wonderful (to me) on Velvia, or any of the other saturated films.

Nothing special other than a UV filter.  People may be in the frame, but
human flesh (faces, arms, etc.) is a relatively small part of the
photograph.  In other words it's not portraiture.  I have had "pumpkin"
skin tones outdoors with the Elite 100 EC as it saturated the yellow and
red too much.  My assessment is *very* accurate exposure and controlled
lighting (color temperature) keeps it balanced within reason.  Don't expect
*exact* skin tone reproduction.  I've had better results indoors with flash
as a result.  Good skin tone is not robust to minor exposure error if it's
a major part of the photograph.

You might be right on the ethnocentric view (not deliberate) although I
would predict saturation with complexions other than pale caucasian.  The
effect may not be as prominent.

I found it great stuff for hot Summer days at low altitude with "heat haze"
and grain was not a problem (no better or worse than Elite 100 or E100S).
Shot some Portra 160VC (color negative) of the same scene in another body.
*Not* recommended for anything approaching a hazy day!  Someone else
mentioned Kodachrome.  *Very* good (IMO) for early morning and late
afternoon, but some might not like the cooler (and therefore seemingly
harsher) color response at mid-day (compared to the E-6's) and prefer the
slightly warmer Elite Chrome(s).  K-14 does give more accurate color.
These are my subjective experiences.

-- John

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