Darkroom sinks was Re: [OM] E6 Processors, Darkrooms and scanners

Subject: Darkroom sinks was Re: [OM] E6 Processors, Darkrooms and scanners
From: Gary Edwards <edwardsg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 10:39:10 -0500
Ken,  I haven't built a sink, but I have built a number of boats.  Fiberglass,
as you probably know is a lot of work and itchy.  If I were doing it, I would
build the sink/table from stable woods (western red cedar comes to mind) with
an exterior or marine ply bottom, and coat the whole thing with WEST
(Wood-Epoxy Saturation Technique) material from Gougeon Brothers in Bay City,
Michigan (see Wooden Boat magazine or the Web for address).  The strength of
fiberglass really isn't needed here.  If you do it, take the precautions
advised to avoid skin contact seriously, but the epoxy bothers me much less
than normal polyester resins.

Good luck,
Gary Edwards

Ken Norton wrote:

>   Karen has consented to losing a huge
> chunk of basement for the darkroom so I'm looking at a room about 12x15
> with a built in printwashing table and also a floating tray table.  (A
> floating tray table, which goes by several different names, is a table
> which holds several inches of water temperature maintained with the
> chemical trays floating in it).  The table will be large enough to handle
> 16x20 and 20x24 prints.  Unless I come across one for sale, I'll have it
> built out of wood and fiberglass.

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