[OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1118 - E6 Processors, Darkrooms and scanne r

Subject: [OM] RE: olympus-digest V2 #1118 - E6 Processors, Darkrooms and scanne rs
From: "Chung, Stephen" <chungs@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:40:48 -0700
John P wrote about Jobo Processors:-

>The temp control is so good and repeatable.  As long as you stick to one
process temp >(I do C-41 and RA-4, two different temps) the "fiddle factor"
is zero.  Turn it on, >wait two hours to get nice and stable and process all
day long.  I've even turned it >on the night before and walked in first
thing in the morning good to go.

I agree with John's comments about the qualities of the Jobo CPE2.  In my
case though, I've have limited darkroom sessions to about 4-5 hours starting
shortly after getting home from work at around 7:00 and finishing with
everthing cleaned packed and stowed away around 11:30 - I use the laundry
for the wet area and risk an ear-full if it is not back to being a boring
old laundry in the morning.  

So to reduce the water bath preheat and temp. stabilisation time,  I use an
accurate thermometer and draw a bucket of hot water, adding cold water till
the temp. is correct for the process required.  Then the thermostat on the
Jobo is set to the same temp.,  bucket of water is poured in, Jobo CPE2 is
turned on, wait 5-10 minutes to correct for any temp drift and then start

OLY CONTENT:-  Out of curiousity, I recently purchased a bargain grade Zuiko
SC 135/3.5 from KEH - this lens appears regularly on their web pages for
significantly under what they commonly sell for here in Australia.  There is
a little dust between the elements but otherwise I cannot fault its physical
condition.   Just got some slides back, shot with said lens on OM1 and
Velvia - am happy with the results - prehaps a tad lacking in contrast, but
for $41 dollars plus shipping for such a compact telephoto with built in
hood, I will be keeping it :-) 


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