Re: [OM] Stolen Zuiko lens reported in UK

Subject: Re: [OM] Stolen Zuiko lens reported in UK
From: Frank van Lindert <Frank.van.Lindert@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 07:18:53 GMT
Dear David.

What has happened?
It was only a few days ago (posted 25 Aug 1999 ?) that I found your ad
in www.loot.com:

>   Olympus Zuiko, 350mm / f2.8 telephoto lens, original aluminium case, 
>   amazing lens, £1,900. 01768 774324 or email: keswick@xxxxxxxxxxx 
>   South, North West, East Midlands, Web edition - 6 days old

and now in uk.adverts.other I read:

>'From: "David" <keswick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Newsgroups: uk.adverts.other
>My Olympus Zuiko 350mm/f2.8 lens was stolen last week. This is a large and
>heavy telephoto lens in an aluminium case. It is a VERY rare lens, more so
>because it is completely black - most of these lenses were made in a cream
>colour. Very few of these professional lenses were made in this colour and I
>have never seen or heard of another in the UK.
>I would be grateful for any help anyone could give me in finding this lens
>and will be happy to offer £100 cash to anyone who can give me any
>information which leads to its return. If you see such a lens advertised for
>sale or in a shop please let me know and I will do the rest to check if it
>is mine - obviously I have a serial number and other specific descriptions
>of the lens which would confirm this. I will post a crime number as soon as
>the police have given me these details.
>Please reply by e-mail if have any information.
>Many thanks, David'

I feel terribly sorry for you. I own the same rare black lens as
yours, so I know what loss it is.
I would also like to know what happened.
Have you been conned by a potential buyer or what?
Please let me have the serial number (or part of it) - just in case...

BW, Frank.

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